How many times have I said before and maybe you’ve even said, “I wish I were more motivated to do…….”?

In the years I’ve been a weight loss coach and personal trainer, I’ve heard it really more times than I can count. Also, in the recent survey I sent out, many of you mentioned that not being motivated is one of your biggest struggles and it really got me thinking more about it.

how to get motivated and stay motivated to reach your health and fitness goals TeamSam Fitness

If you’re in my coaching group, you may have seen my live broadcast talking more about why motivation isn’t always enough. Here’s why.

If motivation is all we needed, wouldn’t we all never give up on anything? Cue the music, “all you need is love, love…” I hate to disappoint, but Love is NOT all you need. Love requires action, a tangible effort to show it. Motivation is the same way. It requires action to support it. It’s not necessarily that I have a ton of motivation that drives me to exercise or eat healthy. I wish it were that easy.

It’s the same with clocking into our 9-5 everyday. While we may not be motivated to do so, we do it for one, because we have to and secondly, because of the results we achieve because we do. We all like our paycheck right? 🙂

So what we have to do is apply that same theory to what is really optional for us to do, but we do it because intellectually we know it’s what we have to or need to do….and why? Because of the results we’ll achieve because we’re doing it. Boom!

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Raise your hand if that resonates with you! It does me and I’m definitely preaching to the choir here!

So how can we apply that to reaching our personal goals? Let’s reverse engineer it a little. You have to start with the end result in mind. Reread that. It’s that important.

your why must be bigger than your desire to stay the same TeamSam Fitness

You have to start with the end result in mind. In other words, your WHY. You must first determine why you want to accomplish that goal and allow that alone to be your driving force to keep going.

So dig deep today my friend and determine your WHY. Literally get it out of your head and put it to pen and paper and when you’re not feeling motivated. Your why must be bigger than your desire to quit.



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