How many times have you dieted and had to decide on which weight loss program you’d do?  Most likely with each one you may have thought “this would be it…the last one I’ll have to ever choose,” right?  And again, most likely, you were disappointed to soon discover that here you are again, in the same place, faced with that same decision again to make..which weight loss program to go with.

Furthermore, it’s especially disappointing if you’ve paid money for the program and you still feel like you’re in the same place you were at before you even started.

Sound familiar?

Throughout my 30 years in both sick healthcare and wellness care, two questions and concerns I hear on a regular basis regarding weight loss programs are “what does it cost” and “how do I know which weight loss plan should I choose”.

3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Weight Loss Plan

While you’ll find that most weight loss management programs charge for their services, it’s not only because of the value and knowledge they give, but more importantly, based on the results they provide. How valuable are the results you’ll receive from that program?  

How valuable are the results you’ll receive from that program?

So before you choose yet another magic, end-all diet plan, here are my top three questions you should be asking before you choose your next weight loss program.

1. Is the program sustainable? Is it “easy” enough or manageable enough to do forever?  While many programs offer quick fixes and while yes, many of them actually work…ask are they short term or is this something you could do for a lifetime?

Are there strict rules or lists to follow?  Will you ever ‘be allowed’ to indulge again or enjoy cake and ice cream at your next birthday party?  Will you feel guilty if you wander from the ‘rules’ at all?  Will you have to always cook two different meals–one for you and one for your spouse?  You get where I’m going with this, right?

Another example may include meal replacement or product based programs only.   Will you simply be drinking a particular drink or protein shake several times a day all while not changing your eating habits at all?  What’s going to happen when you stop taking them or stop drinking the infamous pink drink?  Is it a meal replacement only?  There are many popular plans that deliver food directly to your front door and yes, you’ll lose weight, but are you going to buy your food like this from now on?  Where will you be if you stop the service?  Get it?  And supplements? I take them and love them, (you can see my favorite supplements here) but they are only meant to supplement or add to and not replace.  And supplements alone does not a healthy body make.

2.  Does the weight loss program promote weight loss or better health?  There are hundreds of programs that offer quick results, but quick results are not always a good thing.  With those quick fixes, you may also experience muscle loss, slower metabolism and hormone imbalances as a results and even gain more weight than when you started.  I’ve learned the hard way that being skinny doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy.

3.  Does the weight loss program teach what to do when the program is over? For the entire duration of your weight loss plan, you should be educated on what to do once the program is over.  I mean seriously, think about it.  How many diets have you been on and what normally happens when you come off the diet?  When choosing your weight loss program, know in advance what you’ll do to maintain your weight loss after the program is over.

You should feel confident with making healthy decisions, meal planning and learning how to actually live healthy. I always tell my client’s that my goal in my own program to prepare and teach my clients how to live without me.  It’s only then when they’ll feel confident on keeping the weight off.

If you’re not taught HOW to keep the weight off then it’s almost like you’re setting yourself up for failure from the start bc your odds of the weight coming back are almost a given.

With any of these tips there’s really no right or wrong answer as it totally depends on what your personal goals are.  But knowing up front exactly what you should expect from the program will keep you from being disappointed later.

Blessings to you all!
Coach Sam





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