Need a quick, fun and fat burning workout to squeeze in during your busy holiday season?

Try this super charged, high intensity tabata you can do in less than 30 minutes.

Here’s how to do this tabata workout:  Using your phone or workout timer, you’ll do as many reps of each exercise for 30 seconds (but keeping correct form is priority) then rest for 10 seconds then repeat the entire circuit for a total of six times.

  • deadlifts
  • shoulder press
  • squats
  • bent over rows
  • burpees
  • wide push ups

Tabatas are great for any fitness level because you’re only competing against yourself–the idea is to continue to improve where you’re doing more reps during the 30 seconds of workout time.  Get it?  It’s a great measurement of progress too!

A Quick + Fat Burning Thanksgiving Tabata

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Another tradition during the Fall season is SEC Football…specifically for us…Auburn Football!  We had a great time at a recent game.  The weather was perfect super cold and it was a AU win!  Woop!

Happy Fall and Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

Are you a football fan?

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