Are you tired of trying to eat right but you’re still not seeing the results you’re looking for? This is a familiar complaint that I hear from many of my weight loss and personal training clients. They claim to “eat pretty good” (which many are by today’s dieting standards) and exercise several times a week.

But…here’s the deal breaker. What I’m finding is when we dig a bit deeper into what they are actually doing, I’m finding three mistakes in common between these women and you may be making the same mistakes that are keeping you from losing weight, too.

1. You are doing too much cardio.

Yes, it’s totally possible to do too much exercise.  What I especially find amongst the women I talk to is they are self-proclaimed cardio junkies running on the treadmill or burning hundreds of calories a day on the elliptical, but when I ask about any weight training, most admit they aren’t doing any resistance training at all.

As we age, our estrogen level decreases causing our bones to become more brittle.  Workouts that focus on strength and resistance builds and strengthens your bones and lessens your risk of breaks.  Not only does that low estrogen increase our risk of bone breaks, but it also causes that excess fat storage around our middle and muscle loss!

The problem with too much cardio is that it’s easier to whittle away those muscles that you need to fuel your metabolism and burn fat!  Muscle dictates metabolism and without adequate muscle tissue, your metabolism will suffer. Secondly, too much cardio can cause a steady release of the hormone cortisol (our fight or flight hormone) responsible for slowing metabolism, raising blood sugar and blood pressure and you guessed it…storing fat!

The solution: Add weight training or resistance training! Decreasing the amount of time you spend doing cardio and adding in resistance training can skyrocket your results, wake up those sleeping muscles and cause some serious fat burn.

You can read more about the value of resistance training and how to start weight training in Weight Training Essentials for Women Over 40.

Some great exercises that focus on resistance are simple bodyweight only moves such as push-ups, plank, squats, and lunges for a start.  You can find demos of these exercises on my youtube channel.

2. You are not eating enough.

Now, pair that with over-exercise plus not feeding your muscles enough to keep up with all that exercise is room for disaster a weight loss plateau or even worse, weight gain.  Your body needs fuel (in the form of food) to not only keep it powered but to build those muscles.  Consider this:  Muscle burns more fat at rest than fat does while you’re active, so the goal is to feed and fuel those hungry muscles, build more lean muscle and start burning more fat.  Notice I didn’t necessarily say “lose weight” but rather lose fat!  Too often when we lose weight, we also lose muscle because we’re not fueling our bodies properly and we start to lose muscle weight first.

The solution: EAT! Yep, but you’ve just got to eat the right foods! Weight loss is not about not eating, but more about eating correctly!  Read 5 Warning Signs You’re Not Eating Enough if you’re concerned about your own eating habits.

When you can find that balance with exercise and nutrition, you’ll start losing weight (the right way), feeling better and melting away that fat! This is where the magic happens! 🙂

3.  You’re too stressed + You’re not sleeping enough.

Ok that’s two things in one, but I like to mention them together because in my world, stress equals no sleep and no sleep equals stress.  AmIRight!?

But while sleep, much less extra sleep seems to be a rare treat these days, it is something to take quite seriously.  Sleep + stress can quickly become a dangerous combination causing a domino effect of causing too much stress hormone in the body which leads to high blood sugar, high blood pressure, slow metabolism and weight gain.

Did you know that when we don’t get enough sleep, one of our body’s coping mechanisms to try to stay energized is to….you guessed it…eat!  Sleep is your body’s recovery and repair time and when we deprive our body that repair process, we’ll not only see the results of aging quicker but also suffer physiologically as well.

The solution:  Setting your bedroom up for a good night’s sleep is essential to not just losing weight, but also staying healthy.  Focus on your nighttime ritual to help you prepare for at least seven, uninterrupted hours of sleep.  I like to soak in a hot bath, read, unplug from social media and my favorite, natural nighttime sleep aide is Isotonix magnesium.

Here is a picture I received from a client! After we talked, I realized that she was also one who was exercising several days a week, and trying to ‘eat right’, but the scales hadn’t budged in months (or even years)! She was discouraged because she had really been trying!

All it took was a bit of tweaking with her nutrition plan and look what happened after only one week of following my weight loss guide! I’m so stoked for her!

Are you maximizing your fat burning potential?

Here’s what she had to say:

I finished the week and LOVED it! I found new recipes! I am down 7 pounds and have lost 7 inches overall! Thank you:)

Woohoo! I’m so proud of her! Does all of this sound way too familiar?

Do you need more or want to take your weight loss to the next level? Learn more about Nourish, where I’ve been helping clients lose that weight and fat they’ve never been able to lose before – all without sacrificing or feeling like crap while they’re doing it.

When you finish this plan you’ll feel more confident about yourself, what to eat (and eating out), and can finally stop dieting and start living!

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