Turning Passion into Purpose

Turn your passion for food, fitness & health into a 
profitable and rewarding business.

Every weight loss program should be supported by a weight loss business.

Presented by:

Samantha Alday, RN
Certified TLS Weight Loss Coach

This free training is for you if:

  1. You've been through the TLS Weight Management program and now you want to help others who are just like you. (Most likely you already have friends, family and coworkers asking you what you're doing).
  2. You're a gym owner or fitness professional looking for a science-based nutrition program to your clients all while providing you an additional stream of revenue.
  3. You're passionate about food, fitness and helping others, but need direction on how coach others and supplement your income.




11:00 AM 

Spaces are limited!



What other coaches have to say:

"Trying to keep up with running four fitness businesses, I was in survival mode with my health.  I was looking for a solution and that's what I found with TLS Weight Management Solutions.  Partnering with TLS has given me an amazing advantage in the industry.  Being in the industry, a lot of my clients are struggling with their health and have weight challenges.  Owning a comprehensive, customizable system that's tailored to people's goals, commitment level, their body's physical needs and budget has helped us meet people where they're at on their journey".  Carin Roberts

"What originally attracted me to the business was a way to help people.  Being a nurse, I was dealing with disease and illness a lot and I really wanted to see the patients I was working with be well.  Prior to all of this I wasn't sure what to do, because I really couldn't fit my life into all the systems.  I could't compete with the bigger companies and I didn't know how to build the system.  Finally I found TLS and they had a system I believed in.  A system that worked with science based supplementation and science based research.  I now have the tools, resources, health guides, educational videos...every single tool I know that works for my clients".  Sue Pasqual

"Prior to TLS, I taught at a local community college.  What attracted me to work with TLS Weight Management Systems is I knew that healthy eating was becoming the forefront of a trend (from being in a prior restaurant business).   I was also gaining weight myself and looking for a healthy alternative, as well as looking for a business opportunity.  I decided to become a TLS coach because I felt so much better being on the program, losing the weight, having more energy, reducing inflammation and pain issues in my own life, I saw it trickle down into my family's life.  I knew so many people who had tried diet after diet and failed at it.  Now with TLS, it's a lifetime...it's the last program you'll ever need".  Pam Torgenson

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