Weight Loss for Women Over 40 Series | 6 Ways to Lower Your Cortisol Level (or Stress Hormone)

Cortisol is known as our “fight or flight” hormone. It provides quick bursts of energy, improved memory and immunity, increases heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar.  If you are visibly scared or put in a stressful situation, what’s the first thing you notice about yourself: sweaty palms, increased heart rate, nervous jitters, heavy breathing and […]

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Why Diets Don’t Work

Why Diets Don't Work

Typically, most diets are short term, fad-following and too many times unhealthy ways to lose weight. And what happens “after the diet”? What are you supposed to do then? Unfortunately, the weight usually returns and we feel worse than when we started the diet. Learn why dieting just simply does not work. Stop the love affair, break up with your unhealthy food habits and take control of your life! It’s about your health, not your weight. It’s about your life, not your latest diet plan.

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