30 Days of Gratitude-November 3rd

I’m thankful for the sweet note I found left for me early this morning.  Yes, she wanted something, but I liked the note just the same.  I admit it-I have sucker written right across my forehead.  🙂 Leave your Gratitude comment below for a chance to win this Vera Bradley Bag!

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30 Days of Gratitude-November 2nd

I am thankful that our bank decided to retract their riduculous decision to charge an additional $4 debit card fee. We were just at the point of changing banks and if you’re like us, it was going to be a nightmare to have all of that changed with opening a new bank account somewhere else. […]

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Scripture To Run By

Among the many benefits of running is the pureness of the quiet time.  Even with the husband and I running together, we both are in our own zones.  Whether it be in prayer time or simply planning the weekly dinner menu, I believe we each allow our mind to take us wherever it needs to […]

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