Fit for the Soul

Women and Spiritual Warfare-7 Day Prayer Guide to Surviving and Winning on the Spiritual Battlefield-Part 1 of 2

In a world where we’re inundated with messages of self love and self worth, where we’re constantly forced to compare ourselves to our news-feed neighbor, sadly it’s not these ritualistic self-love mantras that will empower us to face the world’s attacks against us. God has provided you with all you need to stand guard and #beawarrior against the enemy.

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Fit for the Soul Book

After being diagnosed with stage three colon cancer at the age of 29, Fit for the Soul follows Samantha Alday on her journey through cancer—from surgery to having chemotherapy, to recovery. Written as a journal, prayer book and a guide, Fit for the Soul is a call and answer to realizing who we are in Christ and who He created us to be.

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