How to Reduce Inflammation Naturally

How to reduce inflammation naturally.

Do you suffer from Arthritis or other inflammatory conditions?  Did you know that inflammation not only occurs in the obvious areas such as your joints, but inflammation can also occur at the gut level in your intestines as well.  Intestinal inflammation can be triggered by allergies, bacteria or other toxins introduced into the colon and certain foods we eat can play a vital role in either causing inflammation or reducing it.

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My Favorite Supplements for Fat Loss

The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Fat Loss Feature TeamSam Fitness

While there is no magic weight loss pill and nothing takes the place of clean eating and regular exercise, scientific studies have shown that certain supplements can specifically increase fat loss by balancing blood sugar, regulating hunger hormones, increasing lean muscle and metabolism and using sugar and fat for energy. Supplementation is meant to enhance or fill in the gaps of what you may be missing from your everyday diet.

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Creating Healthy Habits

Think about your habits right now. Good and bad. Healthy and unhealthy. What positive habits are you most proud of? What negative habits would you like to change? What unhealthy habits could still be holding you back from reaching optimal health?

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Healthy Holiday Eating Tips ~ A Healthy & Fit Holiday Survival Guide

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips: My Survival Guide

With the approaching holiday season, if you’re like me, you’re already thinking ahead about the bounty of delicious food that will soon be available to you! While I’m looking forward to the holidays, time with family and all that good food, there are still ways I can genuinely enjoy the time and not feel deprived or guilty for over indulging. Here are my top ten healthy holiday eating tips to help you get through the holiday eating frenzy, too.

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