Healthy Restaurant & Dining Out Tips

Healthy Restaurant & Dining Out Tips ~ Make healthy choices and still enjoy going out with friends.

If you’re like most, the holiday season is jam packed with parties, family and going out. Here are some of my restaurant and dining out tips to help you make healthier choices and still enjoy good food and good times with your family and friends..without the guilt and weight gain.

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How to Choose a Healthier Cup of Starbuck’s Coffee

How to choose a healthier cup of Starbuck's coffee.

If you are like me and the other 150 million coffee drinkers who enjoy their one or six cups of coffee each day, coffee is not so much of an indulgence but a necessity. There’s just something about it. It’s ritualistic, cozy and can literally warm the room and conversation. But here’s how you can make better choices to have a healthier version of your favorite cup of Starbuck’s coffee…with less sugar and less guilt.

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5 Warning Signs You’re Not Eating Enough

Warning signs that you may not be eating enough.

One of the main problems I see with my clients is that they’re not eating enough. This is simply because of the way society has taught us to “diet”….and that way is usually by counting calories or going low carb or all together, no carb. When you’re not eating enough, the weight loss plan can feel like a diet—making you feel like you’re sacrificing and then guilty if you should sway in the least amount. Add in the ill effects of the yo-yo dieting and under eating on your metabolism and energy levels, this vicious cycle is usually only short-lived instead of producing a genuine lifestyle change…causing us again to feel like we’ve failed yet another diet.

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3 Weight Loss Benefits of Eating Protein

Burn fat with more protein by TeamSam Fitness

Are you eating enough protein to help you lose weight and burn fat? While proteins have several jobs to do including improving immunity and hormone regulation, the primary role of protein is to build, strengthen and repair muscle tissue. Did you know that muscle burns more fat at rest than fat burns at work? Here are my top 3 weight loss benefits of protein.

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