Don’t Eat Less Just Eat Better ~ What I Ate Wednesday

One of the main problems I see with my clients is that they’re not eating enough. This is simply because of the way society has taught us to “diet”….and that way is usually by counting calories or going low carb, no carb. Ask yourself is that way of dieting working for you?
I mean really… you know one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again with the same results.

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PSA Fruits and Vegetables are Carbs

Friends, I have good news! You can eat carbs! If you’ve been avoiding carbs you may want to read this. One of the main reasons–ok the main reason I do not like fad diets is because while they may work short term and you may definitely lose the weight you want, they give you a false sense of health….in other words….they don’t last long term and you are not always as healthy as they may lead you to believe.

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Healthy Detox Tips

Detox doesn’t have to be complicated and especially nothing wonky about it. Detox is simply about eating real food, eliminating all the junk, sugars and preservatives out of the body and cleaning out all the junk in the trunk. Here are my tips to help you have a healthy detox week!

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