Weight Loss

Guest Post-Dashing Dish-The Pursuit of True Balanced Healthy Living

When I email another blogger asking them to write a guest post for my blog, I never know what to expect. I wonder if I’ll be rejected, if they’ll accept or if I’ll receive any reply at all. So when I started following Katie’s blog Dashing Dish, I quickly knew I wanted to ask her to write a guest post for me. She has a king-size heart for God, such a zeal about healthy living and staying fit and she’s also a nurse! I mean, really….how could I not ask her to write a guest post for me?

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Practical Everyday Tips to Help You Lose Weight

‘Tis the season of resolutions and goal-setting!  Have you added weight loss yet again to your January To-Do List? If you are like so many of us, yes, you have and by February 1st, you’re ready to give up….yet again. Weight loss is not about fad diets or magic pills.  It’s simply about Intake and […]

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Calorie Counting

As of about ten years ago, I’ve tried to eat healthy.  I was not strict with it by any means, but I became more aware of the food I ate.  But, if you read my previous post on how I started running and exercising, you’ll learn that just ‘eating healthy’ did not keep me ‘healthy’ so to […]

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