Weight Loss

Simple Fitness – My Minimalistic Approach to Getting Fit

Simple Fitness ~ My minimalistic approach to getting fit by TeamSam Fitness!

Living simply is about enjoying life without some crazy, far fetched philosophy that’s out of reach. If I can use my picnic table to become fitter and healthier, then what can stop us!? Our possibilities are endless! I’m also not fighting my age, but rather doing my part to take care of this one body I was given so I can enjoy every minute of my life while I age and (hopefully) age well.

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Managing Stress – How Hormones Impact Your Weight

Everyone experiences it and everyone copes in their own way, but how much stress you experience and how you cope with it will directly affect your health and eating behaviors. Here are my favorite ways to help you minimize your stress so you can optimize your weight loss efforts and successfully reach your health and fitness goals.

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Overcoming Your Weight Loss Obstacles

Overcoming Your Weight Loss Obstacles Feature by TeamSam Fitness

Regardless of what you try to accomplish in life, you will most likely run into obstacles. One of the main things I’ve learned for myself in living a healthy lifestyle and also with my clients is that obstacles can make or break ya….regardless if they are mental or physical. So this week we are looking at what your obstacles may be. Unfortunately, you will always have them! Some will go away, but others will soon take its place. So it’s learning how to adapt, cope and have more power than those obstacles is what will lead you to successful living.

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10 Habits of Healthy People

10 Daily Habits of Healthy People by TeamSam Fitness

In my last few years of semi being a part of the fitness world, I’ve noticed several things in common amongst those fit and healthy people. With the biggest noticeable characteristic is their consistency. This is where the life lasting comes in…they aren’t just trying to be healthy for a one time event or New Year’s Resolution, but rather more for themselves and their own well-being….and they do it every day. It just seems to come natural. Living healthy can become a reality for you too with just a few simple changes you can start making today!

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Are You Maximizing Your Fat Burning Potential?


Are you tired of trying to eat right but you’re still not seeing the results you’re looking for? This is a familiar complaint that I hear from many of my weight loss and personal training clients. They claim to “eat pretty good” (which most are by today’s dieting standards) and exercise several times a week. But…here’s the clicker. What I’m finding is when we dig a bit deeper into what they are actually doing, I’m finding two mistakes in common between those women.

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Everybody Starts As a Beginner

Take control of your health and learn how you can start your own fitness journey today!

We all were beginners at one time or another. Those fit gals, those ripped abs, those running the marathons…Those women all have one thing in common: they made the decision to start. You can do it too. Learn how you can start your own health and fitness journey.

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