Did you know 92% of New Year's Resolutions fail?

6 Week New Year New You Fit Body Challenge

Workouts and meal plans designed to shed fat, build muscle and give you the new fit & healthy body you've worked for year after year.

Weight training essentials for women over 40.

The top 3 reasons why most New Year's Resolutions fail:

  • Unrealistic goals that set you up for failure from the start.
  • Not being prepared without a clear direction.
  • Lack of a strong support system.

With my New Year New You Fit Body Challenge, this will be the LAST TIME you'll make losing weight a New Year's Resolution!  

What is the 6 Week New Year New You Fit Body Challenge?

This is the exact plan we are currently offering at our Fit Body Boot Camp location and I'm super excited to be extending this same challenge information on to you!  

This 6 week FAT LOSS challenge will give you all the tools and support you need (that's been missing in all of the other plans you've tried) to teach you how losing weight and living healthy and fit can become a lifestyle.  You'll learn healthier habits you and your entire family will benefit from.

This fat burning program will give you a better understanding and introduction to eating wholesome, real foods. You'll learn how fake foods, artificial preservatives, sugar, gluten and dairy contribute to poor health, raise your blood sugar and cause fat storage.

  • Weekly meal plans and grocery lists designed to burn fat and take the guess work out of wondering what to eat.
  • A 60 page recipe book full of fat burning recipes.
  • Fat burning workouts you can do at home in less than an hour with little to no equipment needed.
  • Personal coaching by me to answer questions, modify workouts and to keep you on track to reaching your goals!
  • Exclusive membership to a private coaching group and a whole lot more!

"I like the extra energy and I love the inches lost.  I have less aches and pains, feel better, not hungry as much and have less cravings."

"Thank you Sam for walking with me on this journey of change for the better! So happy to report less of me since beginning - so far 12.6 pounds lost and 8-1/2" in measurements! One step, one choice, one bite at a time - something changes when something changes!"

You'll have everything you need to reach your goals:

6 Week Fat Loss Workout

A 6 week fat burning workout that will tone, tighten and reshape your body, melt away fat and skyrocket your metabolism.  

Nutritional Guidance

Learn how to eat for fat loss and to keep your body in fat burning instead of fat storing mode!

Support & Coaching

24/7 email support to keep you focused on your goals, offer you clear direction and provide you with a solid support system.

Meet Your Coach!

Hey Y'all!  I'm Sam!  I'm an RN, Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Coach and blogger over at TeamSam Fitness.  I'm also owner of Hillcrest Fit Body Boot Camp!  I completely understand what it feels like to flounder with the same New Year's Resolution every year.  Then only after a couple of weeks, quit because I didn't have the motivation or direction to keep going, leaving me feeling guilty and defeated that I failed at yet another weight loss plan.  

​It was only after turning 40 that I gained clarity of how to eat for better health and how to live without counting points, calories or crazy rules I knew I couldn't keep.

I'm now on a mission to help and provide women who are shackled by​ their weight and poor health with a place to start and the tools they need to regain control of their weight and health, improve their quality of life, and the knowledge of how to make it a lifestyle.

Reboot, Renew & Restore

Curb cravings for sweet, fatty and salty foods, all while ridding your body of years worth of storing away preservatives, toxins and sugar from your system.

Focus on eating for fat loss and learning how to balance your blood sugar and keep your energy level up up up!

Learn healthier and life lasting habits so you'll never have to diet again.  You'll learn how to read and decipher those confusing food labels, restaurant and dining out tips so you can enjoy still going out with family--guilt free, stress management, and more!

Imagine how much better you could feel in as little as 45 days!

Make this the LAST YEAR you make Losing Weight your New Year's Resolution!

I have battle my weight for years and was hesitant to try AGAIN.  But due to health reasons, I knew I needed to do something.  God knew too as He has my path to cross with Samantha!!  After an encouraging conversation with her, I began the life change program.  I noticed a tremendous difference within myself.  I actually feel good; I am not longer tired or sluggish.  The inches and pounds are decreasing in the process.

  • Made for you weekly meal plans and grocery shopping lists
  • Strength building, fat burning workouts
  • Fat burning recipes 
  • Personal coaching by me
  • Exclusive membership to a private coaching group
  • A whole lot more!

All these for just:


Registration closes January 6th!

The 6 week challenge starts January 16th!

"I lost 17 pounds.  I feel fabulous and happened to have blood work drawn yesterday.  My numbers were fabulous!  Thank you!   This is doable for me and it's really changed my thinking about so many things."

"Thanks to Samantha this was the jump start I needed for getting my life back on a healthy track.  I am enjoying the natural sweetness in fruit and the taste of vegetables without adding sugars, artificial sweeteners and butter. My whole body feels better now that I am concentrating on eating healthier foods and cutting out diet sodas, sugar, artificial sweeteners and drinking more water."  

Read more success stories on my site to see what my clients are saying about my programs.

If you are ready to commit to this 6-week program, register below!  

Get ready to change your life!

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