When the Word of God is spoken through Scripture or by prayer, Satan cannot be in the same presence of such holiness.

Just like you, I have my share of battle scars. There have been times when it seems I'm still nursing my wounds from one battle, but yet find myself on the field of another war. An old friend once said, "life is simply about waiting for the next bump in the road." And isn't that so true? Just as we find ourselves celebrating one victory, we're tossed onto another playing field, feeling helpless and asking, "Why Lord, why me again?" 

But we're not alone, and we're certainly not helpless. Christ came so you could live in joy and it is Satan’s sole purpose to steal that joy away from you - and Satan will fight to the death for it. But not only is Christ bigger, my friend, he has also provided you with all you need to stand guard against and #beawarrior against the enemy. 

You have been rescued from Satan’s grip, and are a child of the King.  The battle has been fought and won.  Rely on His Truth, speak it loudly and rest safely in that victory.

Meet Coach Sam

certified weight loss coach. personal trainer. colon cancer survivor. RN.  over 40. coffee drinker. hot flasher.

Samantha is the owner and blogger of TeamSam Fitness, a wellness company devoted to teaching and inspiring women over 40 how to live their healthiest life possible through nutrition, physical and spiritual fitness. It was after having colon cancer at age 29 that led her into her own journey to better health and soon after turning 40 becoming certified as a personal trainer and weight loss coach so she could lead other women her age to a life of better health.

Sam is a registered nurse of thirty years, as well as wife and mother of two. She is a Women's Fitness Specialist and Personal Trainer, certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Sam has also taught women’s discipleship classes and led personal women’s Bible study groups for over 20 years.

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