Learn how you can have ME as your personal trainer, coach and cheerleader!

I am looking for women over 40 who:

  • wants to lose weight and inches
  • needs full accountability and support
  • struggles with hormones and stress
  • have never exercised before and has no idea what to do first
  • or simply want to improve your overall health

Any of this sound familiar!? When I say beginner, I literally mean beginner. If you’ve never exercised before, want to start but have to idea what to do. I want to walk you thru each step of your journey and watch your transformation into who I know you can be and what you can accomplish. ?

This beginner boot camp will focus on showing you how you can:

  • workout at home for about 30 minutes a day
  • jumpstart your weight and fat loss
  • boost your metabolism and
  • increase your energy
  • feel stronger
4 Week Beginner Boot Camp
Are you a woman who’s never exercised before and needs direction on where to start?

How it works:

  • 4 Week Program focusing on increasing strength, fat loss and jumpstarting your knowledge base of exercise.
  • Weekly training plans that includes videos and written workouts. All workouts about 30 minutes and can be done from home with little or no equipment.
  • Nutritional guidance including a suggested food list and menu options.
  • Exercises will be appropriate for beginners with options for regressions and progressions to suit all fitness types.
  • Bi-weekly checkins with me for nutritional adjustments and accountability.
  • Investment: $97

Wanting More?

  • Ask about combining my Beginner Bootcamp + 4 week weight loss coaching for the complete experience.
  • Ask about my VIP custom 1:1 online training for a custom workout and nutrition plan specific to your goals and needs.


  1. Your program sounds great but do I have to be over 40?: Absolutely not!  I welcome women of all ages, but you just may have to listen to me complain about my hot flashes.
  2. I seriously have never exercised before-like ever-will I be able to do the exercises?  Yes! This beginner boot camp is a ‘from the ground-up program’ where I’ll demo and take you through each exercise. Now keep in mind, if you’ve never exercised regularly before, then it’s probably going to be tough, but any movement you’re not used to will be hard, but I show you how you can moderate each exercise to accommodate your current level.
  3. Do I need a bunch of fancy equipment?  No, I prefer using modalities and whatever else that you may already have available.  I’ve used picnic tables and porch steps before so I’ll show you options you can use too.  You may want to purchase a set of dumbbells and a stability ball, but those are pretty inexpensive.
  4. I have injuries or health concerns. Will this affect my workouts?  Yes, no or maybe.  We’ll chat by email as well as I have questionnaires I’ll send out to discuss any concerns you may have and my recommendations on how to adapt.
  5. How do I get started? Once your registration and payment is verified, I’ll email you a welcome packet with your waivers and medical questionnaire, etc and I’ll send a new workout each Monday morning.  We’ll also have a private Facebook group for workout demos, daily tips and nutritional guidance.  You can email me daily or via Facebook to check in with your progress and ask questions.

Please register for the training program via the contact form below below.  After you register, I will send you an invoice via PayPal. I will also send you the health forms, waiver and liability forms. Payment {in full} and all forms are due prior to the start of the program. Please let me know if you have any questions at all!

Yippee!  I’m so excited for you and the changes you’re about to make and see in yourself!