It sounds like you're ready for a change, but you're not sure what to do to get there.  

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You know how to exercise, but it's the food part you can't get a handle on.  AmmIRight? 

Do you find it harder and harder to lose weight or you're eating right but the scales still aren't budging?

Let's face it.  Our bodies are not the same as they were when we were 20.  We could eat burgers by the pounds, stay up late, sleep 'til noon and keep the stash of Snicker's bars within an arm's reach and still only weigh 100 pounds (soaking wet).  Oh, but now.....nowww if we even think about a Snicker's bar, it's almost like an extra 10 pounds appears instantly.

Weight Loss for Women Over 40 is NOT a quick fix, but it IS the key to burning fat, increasing energy, and finally losing that weight you've had such a hard time losing.

If youʼre tired of counting calories, starving yourself, and you canʼt face another dry salad, Weight Loss for Women Over 40 is for you.  You even know by memory how many points a McDonald's ice cream cone has don't you?

If you're ready to feel better, break through that weight loss plateau and bridge the gap between knowing what to eat and knowing how to exercise, this book is for you.

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Weight Loss for Women Over 40

The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide for Women Over 40

A FAT BURNING COMPREHENSIVE FOOD GUIDE  This plan is STUFFED with real food your entire family can eat. Learn these 5 simple principles so youʼll be able to eat anywhere: on vacation, that amazing restaurant, or a fancy-schmancy party!

SAMPLE MENU PLAN  Take the guesswork out of wondering what you'll eat so you can stop stressing over what to cook.  

RECIPES  With simple ingredients you can find at your local grocery store.

MEAL PLANNING 101  Learn easy meal planning tips so you avoid those tempting drive through windows - and it won't require hours in the kitchen!

4 WEEKS OF FAT BURNING WORKOUTS FOR BEGINNERS (with video demos included) Quick, effective workouts you can do at home so No more hours in the gym!  (30 minutes and you're done).  

FAT BURNING PROTEIN SHAKE RECIPES Great for a quick breakfast or quick snack for on the go. (Because not everyone likes eggs or you're rushing to get out the door).

A DAILY FOOD TRACKER  A simple tracker to help you keep record of what you're eating and your exercise.  Studies how that people who keep track increase their success rate by as much as 50%.  No, you won't have to keep track, like forever, just until you get the hang of it and yep it'll become second nature to you. ;)

Lose Fat Build Muscle
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