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It sounds like you're ready for a change, but you're not sure what to do to get there.  

You're stuck at this same weight regardless of what you try.
You've lost some weight, but now you're at a standstill.
You want to create healthier habits that will last.

Now is your chance for a permanent change.

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The ultimate weight loss plan for women over 40!

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Do you find it harder and harder to lose weight or you're eating right but the scales still aren't budging?

  • ​sample menu plans
  • step by step guide on easy meal planning
  • recipes
  • learn exactly what to eat and why 
  • beginner workouts that promote fat loss
  • and lots more!

Women over 40, it's time to finally bridge the gap between nutrition and fitness!


Let's face it.  Our bodies are not the same as they were when we were 20.  We could eat burgers by the pounds, stay up late, sleep 'til noon and keep the stash of Snicker's bars within an arm's reach and still only weigh 100 pounds (soaking wet).  Oh, but now.....nowww if we even think about a Snicker's bar, it's almost like an extra 10 pounds appears instantly.

Weight Loss for Women Over 40 is NOT a quick fix, but it IS the key to burning fat, increasing energy, and finally losing that weight you've had such a hard time losing.

If youʼre tired of counting calories, starving yourself, and you canʼt face another dry salad, Weight Loss for Women Over 40 is for you.  You even know by memory how many points a McDonald's ice cream cone has don't you?

If you're ready to feel better, break through that weight loss plateau and bridge the gap between knowing what to eat and knowing how to exercise, this course is for you.

"I've lost 8 pounds and almost 8 inches and I've created healthier habits!" ~ Val

"This is the best program!  I haven't felt hungry or starved!  I can't get over the success I've already had!  I was to the point I didn't think I could ever lose weight because of my age."  ~Lynn

Lose Fat Build Muscle
Wanna lose the muffin top and bat wings?

Eat for Energy
No more starving and feeling like crap!

Meal Plan Like a Champ
Well, more like a crazy, stressed mom.

Get 4 weeks of fat burning workouts.  30 minutes is all you need to burn fat effectively.

Follow these 5 simple guidelines and you can eat anywhere: on vacation, at a restaurant or splurge guilt-free on occasional indulgences.

Get a sample meal plan with quick and easy meal planning tips guaranteed to make your life easier... AND say goodbye to last minute drive through windows.

Weight Loss for Women Over 40

How do I know this plan works?
I use the exact principles I’ve used to teach hundreds of women in my private classes and how I AM LIVING PROOF that you can feel better as you get older, YOU CAN live a healthy, ACTIVE and balanced lifestyle without the fear of eating the wrong thing, the guilt of cheating or falling off the wagon.

It's time to stop dieting and START LIVING!

Hey Ya'll!  I'm Sam!

I’m an RN, Certified Weight Loss Coach, Personal Trainer and Poop Ninja, yes that's a thing!  
To simply put it, I teach women over 40 how to lose weight and Keep It Off!

I help you feel better, fit back in those clothes tucked away in the back of your closet (you know the ones), and most importantly, how NOT to revert back to your old habits!

My mission? To help you lose the weight, learn how to keep it off and FEEL GOOD while you’re doing it. (No more dieting that makes you feel like crap and leaves you starving!)

Just because you're getting older doesn't mean you're destined to poor health or you can't have a body you're proud of.

I can help you feel sexy again, (instead of old and fat), and get your confidence back.  Let’s hang out!      Coach Sam