Healthy Holiday Eating Tips ~ A Healthy & Fit Holiday Survival Guide

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips: My Survival Guide

With the approaching holiday season, if you’re like me, you’re already thinking ahead about the bounty of delicious food that will soon be available to you! While I’m looking forward to the holidays, time with family and all that good food, there are still ways I can genuinely enjoy the time and not feel deprived or guilty for over indulging. Here are my top ten healthy holiday eating tips to help you get through the holiday eating frenzy, too.

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Healthy Restaurant & Dining Out Tips

Healthy Restaurant & Dining Out Tips ~ Make healthy choices and still enjoy going out with friends.

If you’re like most, the holiday season is jam packed with parties, family and going out. Here are some of my restaurant and dining out tips to help you make healthier choices and still enjoy good food and good times with your family and friends..without the guilt and weight gain.

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We Ran the Spartan Race

This past weekend we checked off a huge bucket item list.  While I would have liked to have finished the Spartan Race a bit stronger and with a little less pain, we still completed it and overall, completed it well.  For that I’m thankful. I’m thankful for my health and I’m thankful for the ability to […]

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A Thanksgiving Tabata Workout

A Quick + Fat Burning Thanksgiving Tabata

Need a quick, fun and fat burning workout to squeeze in during your busy holiday season? Try this super charged, high intensity tabata you can do in less than 30 minutes. Tabata’s are great for any fitness level because you’re only competing against yourself–the idea is to continue to improve where you’re doing more reps during the 30 seconds of workout time. Get it? It’s a great measurement of progress too!

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Tips for a Fit and Healthy Holiday Season

Tips for a fit and healthy holiday season.

Whether you’re ready or not, the holiday season seems to come quicker and quicker every year. Don’t let the upcoming holidays reek havoc on the weight loss and the getting-healthier-mode you’ve been in all year. Here are ways you stay fit and healthy through the holidays!

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30 Day Squat Challenge

30 day squat challenge. Build a better booty, increase strength and metabolism in 30 days!

Do my 30 day Squat Challenge! Squats are great for lower body and booty aesthetically (who doesn’t love a good fitting pair of jeans), but more so for strength, balance and fat loss. Especially as we age, strength is more important than ever to jumpstart your metabolism and burn fat. Along with the many other strength benefits to help with balance and preventing falls and injury.

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