30 Day Squat Challenge

30 day squat challenge. Build a better booty, increase strength and metabolism in 30 days!

Do my 30 day Squat Challenge! Squats are great for lower body and booty aesthetically (who doesn’t love a good fitting pair of jeans), but more so for strength, balance and fat loss. Especially as we age, strength is more important than ever to jumpstart your metabolism and burn fat. Along with the many other strength benefits to help with balance and preventing falls and injury.

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Compound Superset Workout

A compound superset workout and the benefits of compound workouts.

I have a love hate relationship with compound workouts, but compound moves are so beneficial, I do try to incorporate them into my routine every now and then. Benefits of compound workouts include they’re quick and efficient and increase calorie and fat burn.

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Warning Signs You May Be Over Exercising

Warning signs of too much exercise and what you can do to prevent it.

And while most of the population has a hard time exercising at all, there are some who have a hard time resting. And no doubt that exercise and motivation is rewarding and has tons of benefits, but there can be cases of over exercising that can indeed be dangerous and sabotage the results you’re trying to produce.

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Strength Workout for Runners

Increase your speed and performance with the strength building workout for runners.

My first love was running then I started my love affair with lifting weights. I soon realized that I didn’t have to choose between them, but rather I could marry the two and only make the other stronger. Here are 3 ways strength training can improve your running speed and performance and a free strength and power building workout for runners.

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Weight Training Essentials for Women Over 40

Weight training essentials for women over 40.

I only started exercising and weight lifting after turning 40 then later became a certified personal trainer. If you’re considering lifting and over 40, you need to know these three essentials to weight training specifically for you, a woman over 40. You certainly can do it. You certainly need to do it. And as cliche as it is, if I can do it, anyone can do it.

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