PSA Fruits and Vegetables are Carbs

Friends, I have good news! You can eat carbs! If you’ve been avoiding carbs you may want to read this. One of the main reasons–ok the main reason I do not like fad diets is because while they may work short term and you may definitely lose the weight you want, they give you a false sense of health….in other words….they don’t last long term and you are not always as healthy as they may lead you to believe.

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My Top 3 Tips for Choosing a Weight Loss Program

How to Choose the Right Weight Loss Plan

How many times have you dieted and had to decide on which weight loss program you’d do? Most likely with each one you may have thought “this would be it…the last one I’ll have to ever choose,” right? And again, most likely, you were disappointed to soon discover that here you are again, in the same place, faced with that same decision again to make..which weight loss program to go with.

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You Didn’t Fail at Dieting~The Diets Failed You!

You Didn't Fail at Dieting~The Diets Failed You!

I feel like the majority of you have been here before-in this place of trying yet another “diet plan”. You’ve tried so many before, lost the weight but the weight always comes back. Andy don’t want to go through another crazy, unrealistic program only to fail again.
I’m here to tell you my friends, that you didn’t fail at dieting, but rather the diets failed you!

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Hotel Workout ~ Cardio AMRAP

Hotel and Travel Workout Cardio AMRAP by TeamSamFitness

A quick, but heart pumping hotel, travel or do anywhere AMRAP with a video demo included. An AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible. So to complete this workout, set your timer for 20 minutes and do each exercise for 12 reps then quickly move on to the next exercise. Complete AMRAP within that 20 minutes.

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