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Hold your seats ladies, because I’m about to rock your world.  Well…..only if you’re like me and lose things.  Ya know…like your keys, wallet (–>husband, no I didn’t lose my husband, well only once, but he’s the one who loses his wallet more than I do), anyway, you get the idea, things you use everyday, […]

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How to Determine Your Heart Rate Zone for Weight Loss + Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor Review

How to Determine Your Heart Rate Zone for Weight Loss-TeamSam Fitness

You may have heard the terms maximum heart rate, target heart rate zone or resting heart rate a time or two and today I’m going explain exactly what all that means and how knowing it can improve the health of your heart. By knowing your target heart rate, you’ll know which zone or percentage of that target heart rate is specific to the fitness level your trying to reach. Knowing your heart rate during exercise also helps to gauge your progress to help you achieve your desired goals so you can adjust your workout accordingly.

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