Don’t Be A Victim of Your Past

Don't Be a Victim of Your Past

Are you a victim of your own past? Are you afraid of moving forward because of the mistakes and failures of your past? You can be different. You can make a change, but you cannot reach your goals of the future if you have one foot still chained to the failures of your past.

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Run Your First 5K ~ 10 Tips to Help You Start Running

Run your first 5k with these 10 tips to help you start running.

Do you want to start running? Well, the good news is YOU CAN! How do I know this? Because for years I sat back wondering if I could, but really thinking I couldn’t. Until one day I DID! With running it doesn’t matter how slow or fast, or how far you run, you’re still a runner. Here are my top 10 tips to help you start running so you can run your first 5k!

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Easy Homemade Salsa + Printable Recipe

homemade salsa recipe

Quick and easy homemade salsa! I LOVE salsa. I eat it on eggs, corn chips, plain chips, whatever chips….I literally buy it by the large half-gallon jugs. But I keep reading where it’s loaded with too much sodium and in some cases MSG and other bad-for-you ingredients, along with homemade tastes so much better, so I’ve been itching to try a homemade recipe. This recipe is not only quick, it’s also delicious. Two things I also love.

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Simple Fitness – My Minimalistic Approach to Getting Fit

Simple Fitness ~ My minimalistic approach to getting fit by TeamSam Fitness!

Living simply is about enjoying life without some crazy, far fetched philosophy that’s out of reach. If I can use my picnic table to become fitter and healthier, then what can stop us!? Our possibilities are endless! I’m also not fighting my age, but rather doing my part to take care of this one body I was given so I can enjoy every minute of my life while I age and (hopefully) age well.

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