Easy Homemade Salsa + Printable Recipe

homemade salsa recipe

Quick and easy homemade salsa! I LOVE salsa. I eat it on eggs, corn chips, plain chips, whatever chips….I literally buy it by the large half-gallon jugs. But I keep reading where it’s loaded with too much sodium and in some cases MSG and other bad-for-you ingredients, along with homemade tastes so much better, so I’ve been itching to try a homemade recipe. This recipe is not only quick, it’s also delicious. Two things I also love.

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Simple Fitness – My Minimalistic Approach to Getting Fit

Simple Fitness ~ My minimalistic approach to getting fit by TeamSam Fitness!

Living simply is about enjoying life without some crazy, far fetched philosophy that’s out of reach. If I can use my picnic table to become fitter and healthier, then what can stop us!? Our possibilities are endless! I’m also not fighting my age, but rather doing my part to take care of this one body I was given so I can enjoy every minute of my life while I age and (hopefully) age well.

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My Favorite Supplements for Fat Loss

The Best Vitamins and Supplements for Fat Loss Feature TeamSam Fitness

While there is no magic weight loss pill and nothing takes the place of clean eating and regular exercise, scientific studies have shown that certain supplements can specifically increase fat loss by balancing blood sugar, regulating hunger hormones, increasing lean muscle and metabolism and using sugar and fat for energy. Supplementation is meant to enhance or fill in the gaps of what you may be missing from your everyday diet.

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How to Increase Your Metabolism to Lose Weight Faster

How to Increase Your Metabolism to Lose Weight Faster Feature

Take your weight loss and fat loss to the next level with these tips to help you increase your metabolism! What does it mean to have a slow or fast metabolism? Simply put, the higher your metabolic rate, the more calories you burn at rest. Did you know your lifestyle and even what you eat both play a huge role in your metabolic rate or just how quickly your body uses that fuel for energy? And if that’s the case, that means it’s totally possible for you to take control of your nutrition, increase your metabolism and start burning more calories, creating more energy and burning more fat!

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Managing Stress – How Hormones Impact Your Weight

Everyone experiences it and everyone copes in their own way, but how much stress you experience and how you cope with it will directly affect your health and eating behaviors. Here are my favorite ways to help you minimize your stress so you can optimize your weight loss efforts and successfully reach your health and fitness goals.

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