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Guest Post-BackatSquare0-Conquering Running Weakness

Hi guys, I’m Abby and I normally blog over at BackatSquare0, but am extremely excited to be here with you all today.  My blog focuses on my story of learning to live healthy.  One of the biggest steps along this journey has been getting active and learning to be consistent with my exercise.  I discovered […]

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My Workout on a Football Field

No Equipment Needed-Football Field Workout by TeamSam Fitness

Clark thought we were going running. He was dressed and waiting for me as I filled two empty water bottles. “Are you going to run with those water bottles?” He asked. “Nope, we’re not going running,” I quickly countered. Then you can imagine how the rest of that conversation transpired.

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The Baby Brother Workout

My brother, the Personal Trainer, told me about this simple method of working out that he’s shared with his classes and I thought it was the funniest, coolest thing ever! He promised I would feel the burn after! So, in honor of him, I’m naming this workout The Baby Brother Workout!

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Running + HIIT Workout

I’ve been noticing lately that I seem to be floundering in my workouts recently.  Now what do I mean by floundering?  I’ve just not been able to keep a rhythm going and seemed bored all the while trying to get it together.  With that I sought the help from some fellow blogger friends and the […]

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Why You Should Watermark Your Online Photos

This is a post that’s been growing in my mind for a while now and I finally decided to post it.  I suppose when I first starting thinking about it, it didn’t seem to be *that* important.  But as I’m more and more active on different social networking sites, the importance factor has gone up. […]

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