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Are you tired of yo-yo dieting or feeling like you're eating "right", but not seeing the results you want?  Take your weight loss to the next level with these five simple changes you can make today so you can start seeing results quicker.

Paperback - Fit for the Soul, 21 Days to Becoming More Spiritually Fit tells my story of my own personal journey with colon cancer at the age of 29 and the events that set in motion my journey not to lose weight but to learn to eat for better health.

In this easy to read, 21 day devotional you’ll learn how you can live in freedom from the guilt or overwhelm of trying to be it all or do it all.  Fit for the Soul encourages women with biblical truths that you are loved, you have a purpose and you were created to live in freedom.

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Weight Loss for Women Over 40 is a complete nutrition guide specific to the needs of women over 40 finally bridging the gap between nutrition and fitness. Learn the exact principles Sam follows and has taught hundreds of women, proving you can live a healthy, ACTIVE, and balanced lifestyle without the fear of eating the wrong thing, the guilt of cheating, or falling off the wagon.