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change-not-chance_JIMROHNHere are a few of my favorite blog posts to help you get started.  Grab a cup of coffee, or  chocolate (or both), a warm fuzzy blanket (wait, forget the blanket because if you’re like me, you’re probably too hot for a blanket) and enjoy your stay while you’re here!


Go Red and Bless Your Heart
Why Cardio is Important
Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Fanatics
How to Bust Through a Plateau
Breaking Out of Your Workout Routine
Is Too Much Exercise Bad For You


My First 5K
Proper Running Form
Holiday Gift Guide for Runners
Running in Cold Weather
Running in the Heat
Tips to Help You Start Running Part 1
Tips to Help You Start Running Part 2

Run With Perseverance

Our Needs Are Not a One Time Deal
Deeper Still-Weekend Recap
What is Your Purpose
Scripture to Run By
The Pursuit of True Balanced Healthy Living-A Guest Post by Dashing Dish
My God is Bigger-On Facing Your Fears
What is Peace


America, You Have a Choice
A Healthy Eating Lifestyle
Healthy Kitchen Basics
What is the Glycemic Index Part 1
What is the Glycemic Index Part 2
Cholesterol and Fats Explained
Healthy Eating-What’s in my Pantry
What is Detox and Why it’s Important
Clean Eating with a Free Printable Grocery List

Vitamins and Supplements

Basic Vitamin Supplements
What is nutraMetrix (aka Isotonix)

Weight Loss 

Stress and Weight Gain
My Top 10 Holiday Eating Tips
Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
Practical Everyday Tips to Help You Lose Weight
How to Increase Your Metabolism
Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40
Why Diets Don’t Work
Living a Balanced Life
Are you Burning Fat or Storing Fat (a discussion on sugar and insulin)
How to Break Your Sugar Habit Part 2
Tips to Help You Get Organized and Lose Weight


More About Me-25 Random Facts
My Colonoscopy Prep
My Colonoscopy
On Starting Over
30 Runs-My Story
My Life Goals


5 Ways to Stay Healthy While on Vacation
Beach Week Workouts and Healthy Vacation Eats
Healthy Travel Essentials and a Hotel Workout
Cruising 101-How to Make Your Carnival Cruise Sailing Easy

Are you interested in having many of these posts in one, easy to read location?  You can find these articles and more, in my new ebook, Fit Over 40~Nutrition and Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40.


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