“Thanks to Samantha and TLS this was the jump start I needed for getting my life back on a healthy track. I am enjoying the natural sweetness in fruit and the taste of vegetables without adding sugars, artificial sweeteners, and butter. My whole body feels better now that I am concentrating on eating healthier foods and cutting out diet sodas, sugar, artificial sweeteners and drinking more water. I noticed after detox week I had more energy than I’ve had in years and this energy level has continued. My whole body system feels better than it has in years. I don’t even have a craving for heavy starches or sweets which is wonderful! The TLS shakes are my go to when I need an extra pick me up, I love them! I had my doubts when starting the challenge but now I am a 100% believer in the TLS program. I plan to continue until I reach my personal goal and then hopefully maintain! Thank you Samantha and TLS!” ~Melinda

“I have battled my weight for years and was hesitant to try AGAIN. But due to health reasons, I knew I needed to do something. God knew too as He had my path to cross with Samantha Alday!! After an encouraging conversation with her, I began the life changing program with TLS. I combined their protein and nutritional drink mixes, with eating healthy, fresh foods, and noticed a tremendous difference within myself. I actually feel good; I am no longer tired or sluggish. The inches and pounds are decreasing in the process. I am very aware of EVERY thing I eat now because I want to be healthy. It has been over five weeks and I have not consumed any processed food. It may take a few minutes longer to prepare my meal, but it’s all worth it! A big THANK YOU to Samantha for the positive influence and attitude during this journey.” Terry

 “I feel wonderful. I have tried a lot of diets and got no results. In this class I changed my way of how I looked at dieting and changed my lifestyle of food. I only wish I had joined this class long ago. If everyone was concerned, really concerned about their life, they would take this class and change their lifestyle, too.” ~S. Byrd


 “ALL of my life I have ate “healthy” and have exercised 5-7 days a week. It had always worked for me! After age 40, it became harder and harder to keep my weight down! My idea of eating healthy was eating salads loaded with processed meats and cheeses. When my weight would go up, I would decrease my eating and skip meals occasionally! I love what I have learned in the last two weeks from Sam… eat more and lose inches and weight!” ~Jessica

“I’ve lost 8 pounds and almost 8 inches and I’ve created healthier habits!” ~ Val

“This is the best program!  I haven’t felt hungry or starved!  I can’t get over the success I’ve already had!  I was to the point I didn’t think I could ever lose weight because of my age.”  ~Lynn

“I’m exercising more and I don’t feel as tired as I used to.  Shout out to Sam for being an awesome coach!” ~India

“I feel good!  I’m off my cholesterol and reflux meds!  I’ve enjoyed learning how to eat right, losing weight and how food affects my body!”  ~ Terri

“I’ve lost 49 pounds and I truly feel better than I have in a long time.  I’m eating all the time and making wise choices along with exercise that I’ve found quickly can be addictive because I am in love with how it is making me feel!”  ~ C.